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Balboa Spa Heaters

Balboa Heaters

Balboa Hot Tub Heaters

Balboa Flow-Thru heaters are by far the most common type of heater found on European Spas. There are only really two main types of Balboa heater, the older models with pressure switch used with older metal M1, M2 and M3 control boxes. The other type is the modern M7 heater which is used with the plastic GS & GL control boxes, these can also be found on older GL & M3 elite boxes.

The M7 heaters have been used on both metal and plastic Balboa control boxes and so there are two fitment types. The plastic box requires an M7 heater with 12" sensors and fixing studs for mounting inside the control box. The metal box version of the M7 heater has 24" sensors and does not have studs as it is secured inside the control box with aluminium straps.