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Spa Heaters

Hot Tub & Spa Heaters

We stock on the shelf a wide range of replacement heaters for hot tubs and spas. There are two main types of heaters fitted to hot tubs, Flow-Thru or Low Flow. Flow-Thru heaters generally require large water flow to function correctly and have straight assembly tubes with either 1.5" or 2" plumbing union connections. Low flow heaters work in a very different way as they most commonly will have long 1" diameter heater tubes and water will be circulated through them by a small quiet 24-hour circulation pump.

Balboa flow-through heaters are the most common found in Europe and 90% of low flow heaters were manufactured by Laing. Therm Products now produce a large range of replacement heaters for many older heater brands, including Laing's models.