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Ozone Units & Parts

Ozone Units & Parts

Ozone Units & Parts

This category contains all our replacement Ozone Units for Hot Tubs, Spas and Swim Spas. Ozone units are turned on during a spas filter cycles and produce pure O3 which is drawn through into the water either by the venturi system or by a dedicated Mazzei valve injector when the filter pump is running. Ozone is used on hot tubs as it is very efficient at killing small organisms in water, this helps to cut down the use of sanitisers such as chlorine and help prevent bacteria like legionnaires.

Spa ozone units can be fitted to any type of spa or hot tub with a venturi system and an electrical control system to power it, we stock the latest models by Del, Balboa and Vian.

£70.58 (£58.82 Ex. VAT)
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£81.12 (£67.60 Ex. VAT)
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£428.38 (£356.98 Ex. VAT)
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£19.72 (£16.43 Ex. VAT)

£156.37 (£130.31 Ex. VAT)
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£26.82 (£22.35 Ex. VAT)
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£48.55 (£40.46 Ex. VAT)
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£109.12 (£90.93 Ex. VAT)

£22.67 (£18.89 Ex. VAT)