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Jet Bodies (All Brands)

Spa Jet Bodies

Spa Jet Bodies (All Brands)

We stock all the most common jet bodies for hot tub water jets. Replacements models such as Waterway Poly Jets, Mini Jets, Cluster Jets, Clusterstorm, Ministorm, Polystorm & Powerstorm, Pentair Cyclone, Euro Cyclone, Micro Cyclone, Luxury Cyclone.

Spa jet bodies are sealed into the hot tub shell either by gasket or silicone sealant. Depending on design they will be either secured in place externally by a large nut on the rear of the shell or internally from a front threaded wall fitting.

Jet bodies in most cases have air and water inlet connections, the most common air connections are 3/8" external (Barbed). Water connections can be internal (Socket) or external (Barbed) and can vary from 1/2",3/4" & 1".

3/4" Steel Pipe Clamps
(Inc VAT)
Marquis Spas HK-40 Jet Body
(Inc VAT)
Master Spa GG 3.5" Jet Body Gasket
(Inc VAT)
Master Spa GG 3.5" Jet Body Nut
(Inc VAT)
Master Spa GG 5" Jet Body Nut
(Inc VAT)
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