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Wellis Spa Headrests

Wellis Spa Headrests

Wellis Spa Headrests

Here you will find all of our Wellis Spa Headrests. These replacement headrests are genuine OEM Wellis Spa hot tub parts that are designed to fit their specific spa models. The range includes the Big Light Grey, Wellis Two Colours, Light Grey, ROB V1 & V2 which are designed to be durable, water-resistant, heat resistant up to 50 degrees C, easy to fit.

We recommend taking your pillows out of the water when not in use. This is to prolong the life of them by avoiding chemical damage caused over long periods of time.

£46.48 (£38.73 Ex. VAT)
2 item(s)

£28.58 (£23.82 Ex. VAT)
22 item(s)

£54.71 (£45.59 Ex. VAT)
6 item(s)


£45.16 (£37.63 Ex. VAT)
18 item(s)

£20.60 (£17.17 Ex. VAT)
11 item(s)

£62.69 (£52.24 Ex. VAT)
10 item(s)


£37.32 (£31.10 Ex. VAT)
1 item(s)