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Hot Tub Pumps

Hot Tub Pumps & Parts

Hot Tub Pumps & Parts

We are specialists in replacement 'hot tub pumps' and have 30 years in matching up the correct models, as soon as we see what original pump you have fitted we will know immediately what to replace it with.


The Brands of Hot Tub Pumps We Stock

We hold on the shelf complete pumps & replacement parts from all the major brands & manufacturers. Brands such as Waterway Hot Tub Pumps, Aqua-flo, Chinese LX, Balboa Water Group, EMG, Sta-Rite, Laing Thermotech & more. Whether it be a replacement part such as a wet end, mechanical seal, motor or a complete pump we are confident that in this category you will find either a direct replacement or high-quality alternative to your original.


Hot Tub Pump Replacement Tips

It is often the case that imported American spas will have a what we call imported smooth-bodied hot tub pumps, these can 9 times out 10 be replaced with the European model from the same manufacturer ultimately saving you money on a more economical pump designed specifically for Europe. The Euro models on most brands generally use EMG Italian motors which run with lower power consumption on low speed, run cooler with external body fins and rear cooling fans to dissipate heat very effectively. The best tips we can give to help match up your replacement pump are,

  • - Work out if the pump you need is single speed or dual-speed
  • - Match up the AMP ratings on the high and low speeds (High speed if single speed)
  • - Match the plumbing union connection by measuring the outside thread diameter of the connection on the pump wet end. We have really only three connection types other than a few miscellaneous types used on dedicated circulation pumps. 1.5" (63mm), 2" (78mm) & 2.5" (90mm).
  • - Remember that Spa pump wet ends can be easily rotated from the 12 O'clock position to the 3 or 9 O'clock positions by removing the four bolts that attach the wet end to the motor.


We Are Here To Help!

It can be a bit confusing choosing hot tub pumps as brand names and models are not always written on them. The quickest way is to simply send us some images of the hot tub pump you are replacing and let us do the work for you.