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Topside Control Panels

Topside Control Panels

Spa Topside Control Panels

Topside control panels can also be referred to as Touch Panels, Keypads, Buttons or Upper Controls. They are all powered by a 12 Volt supply from the control box and designed to be a safe interface that controls hot tubs electrical components such as Pumps, Lights and Blower. All main topside controls have either LCD, LED or Digital display screen to show temperature, times and running components. Some of the modern sophisticated panels will control more advanced settings so you don't even have to open the control box.

We stock a massive selection of replacement panels from all the major brands, Balboa, Gecko, HydroQuip, Spa Power (Davey), Correct Tech, ACC, Aeware, Vita Spa, Sundance, Master Spa, Canadian Spa, Spaform & the Chinese brands.