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Waterway Jets

Waterway Hot Tub Jets

Waterway Hot Tub Jets

Waterway Plastics is the leading brand when it comes to Hot Tub Jets. Waterway literally manufactures thousands of different types of spa & hot tub jets, some are screwed into the rear body, twist and clicked or pushed into place. The majority of modern hot tubs manufactured in the last 15 years have Storm series Waterway jets fitted to them.

There are four model types of Storm jets, Cluster Storm, Mini Storm, Poly Storm & Power Storm, these all have standard face diameters of:

Cluster Storm - 2"(50mm)
Mini Storm - 3" (75mm)
Poly Storm - 3-3/8" (88mm)
Power Storm - 5" (127mm)

To make things slightly more complicated they are also available with larger faces, multiple different options of colour, finish and massage type. Some of the finish and design options available on these water jets are grey, black, white, chrome, textured, scalloped and many more.

To make matching up your replacement jet easier we have broken all the Waterway jet categories down into their face diameters.