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Aqua-Flo Wet Ends

Aqua-Flo Wet Ends

Aqua-flo Pump Wet Ends

Please be aware that there are three different frame sizes of Aqua-flo wet ends: 48 frame, 56 frame (6.3") and older 56 frame (6.1"). In the early manufacture days of XP2 pumps they carried slightly smaller 6.1" Emerson motors and so the wet ends were made up to fit these motors. The industry decided to put into place a standard 56 frame size for all 56 frame motors which is now the (6.3").

The best ways to finding out what wet end you need are:

~ Find the part number stamped into the rear of the wet end on the reinforcement webbing, these numbers are on the product pages.
~ Measure diagonally the center to center bolt measurement of the bolts that attach the wet end to the motor.

Bolts Center to Center: 48 Frame 130mm, 56 Frame (6.3") 147mm.