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Waterway Circulation Pumps

Waterway Circulation Pumps

Waterway Hot Tub Circulation Pumps

There are two replacement models of Waterway circulation pumps available, Tiny Might & Iron Might. Both of these pumps use EMG Italian motors which are are designed for Waterway's European market. They have rear cooling fans and finned motor design to help dissipate heat, this allows them to run far cooler than American smooth body motors like can be found on Aqua-Flo circulation pumps and other imported Waterway models.

The Iron Might has 1.5" union connections and the Tiny Might has 1" union connections on the inlet and outlet. 1" and 1.5" are just the terms given to this size of pipework that the union is glued onto. The best way to work out which size union you need is to measure the outside diameter of the threaded connections.

The thread diameters are: 1" Union - 50mm, 1.5" Union - 62mm.