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Aeware Topside Panels

Aeware Topside Panels

Aeware Topside Control Panels

We stock a large range of replacement Aeware topside controls and auxiliary controls manufactured by the spa electronics brand Gecko. The Aeware range are the some of the most sophisticated panels in the spa industry, offering large graphic LCD displays with scrolling menus for controlling electrical components, settings and programming the control system directly. Aeware panels can be found on hot tub brands like Arctic Spas, Gulf Coast, Garden Leisure and many more.
In this category you will find Aeware panels such as IN.K19, IN.K35, IN.K100, IN.K300, IN.K450, IN.K500, IN.K600 and many more.

If you can't find your replacement control here please call us and we will see if we can match it up.