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Component Cables

Component Cables

Electrical Component Cables

This category contains many of the specific electrical component cables or cords used with hot tub and spa control systems.

There are two common types of plug used with a spas electrical system Amp plugs and J & J plugs, Amp plugs comprise of four D-shaped plastic pins that are designed to be connected directly onto control box PCB's. J & J plugs are sealed plastic plugs that have different variations of pins depending on what electrical component they are used for, these are plugged into female sockets usually on the outside of a control box.

Cables with Amp connector plugs are for use with modern Balboa, ACC and Spa Power control boxes. Cables with J & J connector plugs for use with older Gecko, Balboa, HydroQuip, Spa Builders, Gatsby & Jacuzzi control boxes.