Balboa Pressure Switched Heater Fitting & Removal Guide

Posted by   Mick Trice
Balboa Pressure Switched Heater Fitting & Removal Guide

Heater Fitting & Removal Guide

Pressure switched Balboa heaters regardless of KW rating are usually mounted on the rear or the bottom of the spa control box, remove the spa control box from the hot tub. Do this by undoing the two large plumbing union collars. Disconnect the pressure switch spade connectors from the pressure switch and then inside the control box remove the 2x 3/8 nuts that secure the two power cables onto the heater terminals. Flip the control box on its face or rear and undo the 4x green bolts that hold the fixing brackets in place. Once removed the heater will come away from the control box and you will now be able to fit the new heater in the same order as you removed the old one.

Take care when tightening the two heater power wires onto the new heater terminals, use a 1/4 inch spanner and hold the base of the terminal whilst tightening the 3/8 inch nuts up to prevent the terminals being twisted. New gaskets are supplied with the new heater so replace and fit these to your heater union connections. 


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