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Balboa/Vico/Sta-rite Wet Ends

Balboa/Vico/Sta-rite Wet Ends

Balboa, Vico & Sta-rite Pump Wet Ends

All the wet ends in this category are manufactured by Balboa, the other brands such as Vico and Sta-rite are also older pump manufacturers of Balboa. We stock the full range of 48 frame and 56 frame wet ends for the modern pumps Niagara Ultimax, Sta-rite HA440NG and the older Vico Ultrajet Ultima. Unfortunately some Sta-rite wet ends are discontinued so please call if you need help.

The best way to match up your replacement wet end is to measure diagonally the centers of the four motor mounting studs on the rear of the wet end. These center to center measurements are as follows: 48 Frame - 130mm, 56 Frame - 147mm.