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Balboa TP Panels

Balboa TP Panels

Balboa TP Topside Control Panels

We have the full range of replacement generic Balboa TP Topside Control Panels, Keypads or Touch Panels.

All the topside controls below work with the modern BP Balboa control boxes and also Revolution, Colossus & Viper control boxes. The TP panels are some of the most advanced panels Balboa have ever manufactured even offering a touch-sensitive interface. They have a unique plastic four-pin connector which will not work with any other type of Balboa control box.

You may find that your original panel has fewer buttons on the overlay sticker but is the exact same control, we sell the high-end panels meaning that they have the full functionality of that type of panel. If you don't want the extra unused button showing then we also sell a range of alternative overlay stickers to choose from.

If you are having trouble working out which replacement panel you need please feel free to contact our experienced team.