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Balboa M3 & Elite PCB's

Balboa M3 & Elite PCB's

Balboa M3 & Elite M3 Circuit Boards (PCB's)

We are one of the largest online retailers of Balboa replacement printed circuit boards, Balboa are by far the most common PCB found on European hot tubs and spas. The M3 series of PCB's are the older models used inside the metal control boxes between years 1999 to 2005. The M3 and Elite Balboa boards were the start of the transition period from controlling pressure switched heaters to the modern M7 models.

These M3 PCB's can be found on well known spa brands, brands like Hydropool Hot Tubs, HydroSpa, Aegean, Leisurerite, Catalina Spas, Hot Tubs Spaform & many others.

Matching up your new PCB is easy! Just find the serial number written on the white label located directly on the circuit board. The serial number will be written as S/N, then you need the following 5 digits starting with the number 5. For example s/n 54510 ******