3HP 1 Speed Waterway Hot Tub Pump 56F (2"x 2")

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Manufacturer:Waterway Plastics

3HP 1 Speed 56 frame Executive Waterway Hot Tub Pump 56F (2"x2")

This Waterway Hot Tub pump is from Waterway's Executive range of pumps, the PF-30-1N22X is one of the most powerful Waterway Hot Tub pumps used by many hot tub brands over the years. A powerful Waterway Hot Tub pump but economic with efficient 56 frame sized Italian EMG motor designed for Europe and to replace Waterway pumps with USA smooth bodied motors such as Emerson where space allows within the spas cabinet.

Hot Tub Pump Overview

  • This is a 1 speed Hot Tub pump so the single high speed is used for JETS or Boost operation when bathing in your spa or Hot Tub.
  • Pump wet end connects to 2 inch plumbing unions on the inlet and outlet. Both connections have a 78mm outside thread diameter and you can use 2 inch flat gaskets to seal the connections.
  • Hot Tub Pump wet end can be rotated from the standard 12 O'clock position to 3 O'clock or 9 O'clock position easily by removing the four 5/16 bolts that attach the wet end to the EMG motor.
  • Wiring - This replacement Waterway Hot Tub pump is NOT supplied with a new cable so you will need to swap over from your old existing Waterway Hot Tub pump. You will have three wires, live for the high speed (Red, Brown or Black). Neutral (Blue or White) and Earth (Green). If you need a new cable for your new Waterway Hot Tub pump then see related products.

Hot Tub Pump Specifications

  • Manufacturer - Waterway Plastics
  • Part Number - Waterway PF-30-1N22X
  • Type of Product - Waterway Hot Tub Pump
  • Number of Speeds - 1 (high speed)
  • Motor & Wet End Frame Size - 56 Frame
  • Horse Power - Motor 3HP, 5HP rated wet end
  • Amps Low/High - N/A/12.3-12.8
  • RPM Low/High - N/A/2850
  • Hz - 50
  • Dimensions (MM) - Length: 430, Height: 240, Width: 200

We Are Here To Help!

It can be a bit confusing choosing your new Hot Tub pump as brand names and models are not always written on them. The quickest way is to simply send us some images of the Waterway Hot Tub pump you are replacing though our Contact us page and let us do the work for you.

Waterway Plastics
Part Number(s):
Product Type:
Spa / Hot Tub Pump, Main Water Pump
Frame Size:
No. of Speeds:
1 Speed
Motor HP:
Wet End HP:
Union Connection:
2" x 2" (78mm Thread OD)
Amps Low/High:
RPM Low/HIgh:
Length (MM):
Width (MM):
Height (MM):

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